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Virtual Displays: Lent 2020 (2/26-4/9)

This guide showcases eBook versions of physical displays at the Fr. Leonard Alvey Library.

Catholic Beliefs and Traditions

A Roman Catholic priest explores the origins of many revered Catholic beliefs and traditions in this comprehensive volume. Contains discussion and study questions which may be used for either group discussion or personal reflection.

Catholic Traditions and Treasures

This delightful book explains the origin and nature of most of the common traditions of the Catholic Faith, as well as the source and meaning of many of the quaint and obscure ones. From Forty Hours to First Fridays and from Holy Hours to Holy Days, you'll find in these pages an informative, delightful compendium of the Catholic way of life.

Introduction to Christian Liturgy

Designed as a general introduction to Christian liturgy, this book explores the meaning, history, and practice of worship in Eastern and Western, Catholic and Protestant traditions.

Besides the Bible

Besides the Bible is a guide to the really great books that you should read--ones that matter. Covering a wide array of subjects and authors, from Christian bookstore best sellers to classics of Christian history and more, you'll find yourself agreeing with some titles, shaking your head at others, and even shocked by a few.

The Prayers of the New Missal

In The Prayers of the New Missal, Anscar J. Chupungco expands the reader's focus to the other parts of the Mass--namely, the orations or the Collect, Prayer over the Offerings, Prayer after Communion, and Prayer over the People.

Pope Francis

Best selling author and former Jesuit seminarian Chris Lowney offers an in depth look at how Pope Francis Jesuit training directly impacted the various leadership roles he has held as priest, bishop, cardinal, and now Pope and what his past leadership actions can tell us about how he is likely to lead in the future.

Praying with the Jesuits

In Praying with the Jesuits, Fr. Charles Healey, SJ, offers a wealth of resources that span time and space to bring the reader a never-failing fount of material for prayer and meditation.

Favourite Patron Saints

This book is a selection of saints presented chronologically and as Patrons. The proportion of women to men is deliberately higher than usual and the aim is--in accordance with Pope John Paul's intentions--to produce a worldwide spread of saints.

The Deacon's Ministry of the Liturgy

The Deacon's Ministry of the Liturgy offers a concise and accessible introduction to the liturgical aspects of the ministry of the diaconate. The book covers not only the practical side of liturgical ministry--what the deacon does in various liturgical celebrations--but also roots of that ministry in Scripture and tradition, as well as reflecting on the role of the liturgy in the spiritual life of the deacon.

Contemplation in a World of Action

The spiritual and psychological insights of these essays were nurtured in a monastic milieu, but their issues are universally human. Thomas Merton lays a foundation for personal growth and transformation through fidelity to ""our own truth and inner being."" His main focus is our desire and need to attain ""a fully human and personal identity.""

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola outline the rigorous self-examination and spiritual meditations St. Ignatius set forth.

Julian of Norwich

Combining study of compilation manuscripts and manuscripts of the Revelations with structural analysis, it suggests important new ways of reading the Revelations, and makes a strong case for compilation as a literary form with creative potential.

St. Francis of America

How did a thirteenth-century Italian friar become one of the best-loved saints in America?

The Little Way for Every Day: thoughts from Therese of Lisieux

This devotional book is made up of her sayings from her many writings (Story of a Soul, her poetry, and her letters), approximately one to two sentences for each day of the year.