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Virtual Displays: National Reading Month March 2024

This guide showcases eBook versions of physical displays at the Fr. Leonard Alvey Library.

"Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else's shoes for a while."

- Malorie Blackman -


Find these books and more on display in the Eileen and Robert McDowell Reading Room in the library!

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Book Bans 

Battles have erupted at schools, school boards, and library meetings across the country as parents, lawmakers, and advocacy groups are debating books. The American Library Association documented more than 1,200 demands to censor books and resources last year, the highest since it started collecting data 20 years ago. In this NewsHour program, Jeffrey Brown discusses more on the topic with the group's director, Deborah Caldwell-Stone.



Poetry on Fire, Igniting Students' Passion

Students need to understand the power of poetry, the way it can crack issues wide open and start discussions or help a writer address personal problems that can be reflected in a universal way, so they not only help themselves, their poetry may actually help others as well. That's the power of poetry: to give voice to the voiceless, to give power to the pen, and to allow students to write freely. But this takes bravery both from the student writers and from the teachers themselves. When asked about themselves, students absolutely want to write. They want to share their pain and their triumphs. They want to explore emotions, imagery, and word play. They want to write, but they have not been given the tools, the platform, or the permission to write freely. In other words, the fire has not yet been lit, our hope is that this program will help ignite your students' passion for writing. When students are given the tools and the permission to be poets, the results blow our minds. And once that happens, they might actually want to read Shakespeare next.


Episode 1: Launch of the Great American Read (PBS)

The country’s 100 favorite novels are announced in this celebration of reading, hosted by Meredith Vieira. With titles on the list spanning four centuries, authors from 15 countries, and every genre imaginable, it is clear that America’s taste in novels is as diverse as the people who make up our nation.