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Brescia University UCTL

Welcome to The Learning Center

The Learning Center (TLC) is a free tutoring service located on the first floor of the Fr. Leonard Alvey Library. Offering scheduled, one-on-one, tutoring sessions for all Brescia students, on campus and online, the tutoring services are provided by staff and student tutors. Tutoring for other courses is available upon request and subject to current tutor availability.  To register for one-on-one tutoring, on campus and online, please complete this tutoring request form

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Finding Help with Math and Writing

What You Will Receive From Student Tutoring Services:

  • You will receive one-on-one weekly tutoring sessions.
  • During your session, your tutor will act as a guide to assist you in finding and correcting your own mistakes.  Tutors WILL NOT do homework or correct papers for you. Come to tutoring sessions prepared to work.
  • Your tutor will communicate on weekly or bi-weekly basis with your instructor to monitor your academic progress and adjust tutoring approached and practices to best suit your needs.

Your Responsibilities

  • Attend classes.
  • Once your tutoring time is scheduled, you are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED from changing the time and day of your session.  Therefore, it is important that you choose your tutoring times very wisely and consider it a set time commitment.
  • Be on time for your scheduled tutoring sessions.
  • Attend sessions regularly.  Repeated absences will result in the termination of your tutoring.  To be reinstated, you will have to meet with the Director of Student Success and present an argument for why you should be considered for continuation of tutoring.
  • If you must miss tutoring, please show respect for your tutor by contacting the the Director of Student Success (by easily texting 270-686-4274) or your tutor.
  • Come prepared for your tutoring session.  Bring your textbook, assignments, and all other necessary materials with you to your tutoring session.  If you do not come prepared, the tutor reserves the right to cancel the session, which will then count as an absence.




Director of Student Success

Icces Crocker, M.A.

Ways to contact me:

      Call or text: 270-686-4274

      Book a meeting with me: Schedule a meeting with me here.

      Find me in my office, BT330Click here to find me.

      Email me:


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