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Brescia University UCTL

Welcome to Brescia’s Undergraduate Academic Advisement Center

Academic Advising at Brescia provides assistance to students through support and guidance relating to university policies, degree requirements, and various campus support services. Our goal is to empower students to make effective decisions relating to their academics and future career goals. Academic Advising is responsive to student needs and often involves continuous contact between student and advisor.

Our UCTL Professional Academic Advisor helps undergraduates understand the BU’s academic systems, choose a major, and discover campus resources. The advising partnership ensures that support, feedback, and opportunities for reflection are part of the Brescia experience. 

We are here to help you:

  • Plan your academic program.                                                                     
  • Take responsibility for your learning and goal setting.
  • Implement strategies for achieving your goals.
  • Provide referrals to academic and personal support resources.   ‚Äč                                                                                                                  

The Sophomore Peer Mentor Program (SPMP)

The Sophomore Peer Mentor Program (SPMP) is designed to connect sophomores with upperclassmen and women to provide sophomores with both resources and encouragement to continue a successful path to their graduation and professional choices. The upperclassmen/women function as peer mentors and role models.

The Sophomore Peer Mentor Program promotional video by Will Litsey

The Transfer Peer Mentor Program (TPMP)

The Transfer Peer Mentor Program (TPMP) is designed to connect new transfer students with currently enrolled transfer students who function as a transfer peer mentor.  While many transfer students come to Brescia with college experience, the TPMP program helps new transfers to acclimate to the university as they become part of our Brescia family. 

Managing Test Anxiety

Academic Advisement TEAMS Channel


As the Professional Advisor in UCTL, I am able to offer Academic Coaching for freshmen athletes-- as well as for any non-athlete freshmen. Academic Coaching can be one of two ways:

Face-to-face in my office:  Safe protocol is practiced.

Virtual through Zoom:  All coaching material can be shared virtually in order to accommodate any student not on campus.

Available Topics


Improving Note-Taking Skills

Faculty Resources: Fireside Chats on Advising

Join Tom Pope for the series of Fireside Chats on academic advising.

Academic Advising Spring 2018

Join Sister Cheryl Clemons, Dr. Anna Kuthy, and Tom Pope for the three part series on Academic Advising.

The second session of Academic Advising at Brescia University focuses on the role of the faculty advisor.

Improving Time Management and Organizational Skills