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MGT 306 LibGuide for Management Concepts: Company Profiles

A Guide to Library Resources and Research Information for MGT 306

Components of the Introduction Section


           red-check-mark-resized.png The introduction section

                 1.   Name of the company

                2.    Year and month of incorporation

                3.    Ticker symbol for the company

                4.    Mission statement

                5.    Latest annual report  


         Where do I look?




Hints and Tips



Students in previous MGT 306 classes have reported having difficulty finding the annual reports and some other information on company profiles.  If you still can't find what you need after searching the databases or the company website, you might try e-mailing the company directly. 

You'd be surprised ... some of them might even be willing to send you a copy of their latest annual report.


Getting Help with your Assignments


            Getting Help

 1.  Please watch the tutorial videos available in the libguides.  They have been

     prepared by the Brescia library staff.  They will show you how to use the

     resources,  and consequently, find the information you need.

 2.  If you need further clarifications on your assignment, please ask 

      your professor or the library staff for assistance.