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MGT 306 LibGuide for Management Concepts: Citing Sources

A Guide to Library Resources and Research Information for MGT 306

About this page ...


This page provides very useful information on how to go about citing the sources that you utilize in your reports and research projects. 

Why Cite Your Sources?

Citing your information sources:

  • provides a record of the references you have used for your research and helps you avoid plagiarism. 
  • shows evidence of your research and the validity of your information, lending credibility to your work. 
  • allows the reader to locate your information sources. 

All types of information sources that you may use must be cited, including books, articles, web pages, images, interviews, and government documents.

Diana Hacker Sample APA Works Cited Page (Click to enlarge)

Citing Formats

APA and Chicago Citation Manuals


While most of our online databases, Word 2007 and on-line resources such as EasyBib offer automatic MLA/APA formatting tools for citations, these are NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE and do not allow for formatting of all pertinent information.

If you use these online tools it is important to double check the accuracy of your results against a style sheet such as those linked to in this guide.