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Mth 006 Course Reference: Unit 4

This guide, while still under development, contains important resources for the self-paced, tutor assisted math 006 course

Unit 4: Lines and Graphs

Unit Description:

This unit focuses upon the relationships between graphs of lines and formulas/functions representing lines.  It is a bridge between the geometry of lines and the algebra of lines.  After discussing the nature and importance of lines, the unit looks at fundamental arithmetic of lines, features such as position and slope of lines, together with relationships between the slopes of lines in certain relations to each other.  Horizontal and vertical lines are algebraically simple, but fundamental; they are described in terms of formulas.  Then three forms of representation for lines are discussed.  A section shows how to get graphs of lines from given information.  The following section shows common ways linear formulas are derived from actual data.  And the unit ends with a discussion generalizing the graphing of equalities to the graphing of inequalities.

Required Resources

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Supplemental Resources

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