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Mth 006 Course Reference: Unit 2

This guide, while still under development, contains important resources for the self-paced, tutor assisted math 006 course

Unit 2: Sets and Functions

Unit Description

This unit deals with critical concepts prerequisite for a solid understanding of algebra, but concepts often at best superficially encountered by students in earlier mathematics study.  After developing basic definitions, terminology, and notation, the unit more thoroughly discusses sets.  Relationships (such as equality) between two sets are examined, followed by common operations on set.  A brief section then looks at how sets  are really the foundation for several familiar mathematical concepts, before discussing means by which sets can be visualized.  The unit then addresses functions: ways that functions can be represented, ways that functions are applied, algebraic manipulations that produce equivalent functions in simpler form, interpretation of formulas as functions, operations that can be performed on functions, and finally inverses of functions.

Required Resources

Required Submissions

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Supplemental Resources

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