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Mth 006 Course Reference: Home

This guide, while still under development, contains important resources for the self-paced, tutor assisted math 006 course

Unit 1: Introductory Material

Basic Information

These course materials require the Mathematica program -- which is installed in selected labs on the Brescia University Campus.  The materials may be used by anyone.  Visit for information about Mathematica (including ordering options)..The full software package is very expensive, but limited versions suitable for student use are available for about the same cost as a textbook.

The coursebook files can be opened in Mathematica.  However, to for the interactive components to function properly, you must allow dynamic content.  An option to do so will be given when you first access the file in a given session -- a gray box will appear at the top of the page with a blue button to the right.  This box typically only appears when a button using dynamic content appears on your computer screen -- not upon opening a Mathematica unit.

Because the content is not yet fully polished, I suggest, fully exiting Mathematica and reloading the file about every hour, after getting weird error messages when running an app, or if the computer becomes very sluggish.  I would also appreciate being notified of any errors encountered: from exercises that don't run properly to sentences that don't make sense, to simple spelling or grammar errors.  Please e-mail me using the button in the right hand column of this LibGuide page.  Include as much detail as possible.

Mathematica Guide

Web-Based Resources

Math Attitudes Survey

This survey, to be taken at the beginning and end of the course, tries to identify core elements of how you approach mathematics, both to identify ways your instructor can best assist you in learning and to gauge how attitudes change through the process of taking the course.

Fall 2017 Study Log

Records of time spent studying for this course are to be kept and submitted weekly.  The form below is provided for your convenience.

Fall 2017 Unit Completion Report

Upon completing a unit, please submit a unit completion report.  This report asks you to reflect upon the readings and activities for the unit, identifying interesting and/or troublesome content.  It also informs your instructor that you a ready to take the unit quiz.

End of Course Survey

Contact Information

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