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CARITAS CENTER: Care for God's Creation

Caritas – our universal call to love, holiness and vocation

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EarthBeat's Best of 2022 - Read some excellent articles from the past year here - EarthBeat's Roundup.


Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology December 2022 Newsletter -




Suggestions from Laura Jones, President of the Brescia Environmental Club


*make no-bake cookies to save electricity and gas

*make homemade decorations with real pine cones

*dry oranges and cranberries to decoratethe  Christmas tree and for natural holiday scents

*make bird seed ornaments (bird seed, cookie cutters, and peanut butter)

*use fabric and reusable paper for wrapping gifts

*reuse old Christmas gift bags

*use LED lights to save energy

*reuse old jars for simmer pot kits as gifts (put oranges, cranberries, cinnamon in them with a fabric bow wrapped around it)

*use real dishes or paper plates instead of Styrofoam plates





Tips for shopping more sustainably -


“Beat swords into plowshares and leaf blowers into rakes.” -


Overcoming climate anxiety one step at a time.  See

Catholic Relief Services campaign aims to engage US Catholics on climate change.  See  Catholic Relief - Climate Change

Vatican marks ecology saint's feast day with film premiere, climate accords.  See St. Francis of Assisi feast day

Laudato Si' documentary puts a human face on climate change.  See EarthBeat - Stories of climate crisis, faith and action






Brescia is participating in the University Pathways Program, based on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’.  The 7-Year Journey Towards Integral Ecology” goals are:  (1) Response to the cry of the Earth, (2) response to the cry of the poor, (3) ecological economics, (4) adoption of sustainable lifestyles, (5) ecological education, (6) ecological spirituality, and (7) community engagement and participatory action. 


For more information on this initiative, please go to Laudato Si' Action Platform.





The purpose is to serve as unified voice of concern over climate change and environmental degradation and the need to for environmental protection.


Upcoming events:

Hike at Yellow Creek - ​Sunday, October 23rd @12pm

Plogging = jogging + picking up trash at Mooreland park - ​Friday, November 4th @2pm

Please make some time to join us at these events after fall break! 

For details and/or questions, please email Environmental Club President Laura Jones: