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CARITAS CENTER: Greetings from Dr. Emily DeMoor

Caritas – our universal call to love, holiness and vocation

Greeting from Dr. Emily DeMoor

Welcome you to the Caritas Center!

The Caritas Center is a community resource that provides a collaborative space for the continuing work of bringing caritas or love alive in the Brescia University community and beyond.  The Caritas Center offers a unique online space for sharing resources, programming, professional development, and networking at the local, national and international levels.

I am grateful to Brescia University Fr. Larry Hostetter for this exciting opportunity, and to my colleagues, Dr. Anna Kuthy, Darlene Runyon, and Dr. Elaine Wright, for their assistance in laying the groundwork for the center as well as their continuing role in developing it.  We look forward to bringing others into this project, highlighting the ongoing, valuable work of our faculty and staff as well as those with kindred minds, hearts and spirits as we respond to the command of Jesus to love one another.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor of love.


Dr. Emily A. DeMoor, Director