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BAd 405 Libguide for Management Information Systems: Syllabus

A guide to Management Information Systems related research and resources for BAd 405

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This page provides links to the class syllabus, to some videos on management information systems, and to current management information news... 




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Welcome to BAd 405 - Management Information Systems Subject Guide

The Course Guide BAd 405 - Management Information Systems has been designed to assist you in finding appropriate resources to complete your research projects, article reviews, reports, and other assignments that may be required for this course.  It includes links to library resources, including several databases, that will help you find the information you need to complete your papers, reports, research projects, and assignments. 

Navigate the guide by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.


BAd 405 Syllabus

Please check the syllabus to view assignment updates.

Did You Know? Officially Updated for 2023

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Plagiarism is a serious matter in academics. Rutgers University has come up with an interesting way to learn about it.

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