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Copyright: Print/Images

What you can do


What you can use

How much you can use

Restrictions & Conditions

Display in on-ground classes 

Copyright Act

No restrictions

No restrictions

Must acquire materials legally and cite sources 

Transmit or project through the internet or a screen in a session of an online course 


Anything except for digital educational works 

The amount normally used in an on-ground class 

Must acquire materials legally and cite sources 

Transmit or project through the internet or a screen as part of an online course or to enhance the class

Make copies for classroom use for on-ground courses

Use in a multimedia or video project for an on-ground or online course 

Fair Use Doctrine and Guidelines

Fair Use Evaluator tool

Legally acquired printed material/images via the internet 

Poetry: Complete poem totaling <250 words or may use 250 words from a longer poem of at least 2 pages

Prose: Complete article, story, or essay totaling <2500 words or an excerpt no more than 1000 words or 10% from a longer work

Illustrations and Photographs:

-From a collection, a maximum of

15 images or 10 percent

(whichever is less) may be used

-Single works may be used in their entirety, but no more than five images by a single artist or photographer may be used

-A single chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon, or picture book per work 

Must acquire materials legally and cite sources

Use of copyrighted materials is subject to the Fair Use Test (see above).

Use of the heart of the work is infringement.

For distance learning: Technological measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized access or copying.

For classroom copying:

-only one copy per student

-multiple copying is limited to nine instances per class per term

-don’t create anthologies

-don’t copy “consumables” like workbooks or exams 


Creative Commons Video

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