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Open LMS Moodle is a free open-source learning management system developed on pedagogical principles and used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom, and other e-learning projects. To find more resources on managing your course in Moodle, use the Ease Learning contact information on the main helpdesk at We have added a KB article to assist with sign-in instructions at

EMAIL Your students using QUICK MAIL

Use this video to learn how to email your students like you would using MS Outlook. QuickMail gives you the option to attach documents, determine time sent, etc.

  Email Using Quick Mail

Add your syllabus to Open LMS.

Add your syllabus to Open LMS Shell.

Add an Attendance Session

Add an attendance session to your Open LMS Moodle.  

Add a Photo to Open LMS.

Add a photo to your Open LMS page. This is good for the students to do as well.

Add Assignments to Open LMS.

Add assignments to your course shell.

Making Accommodations for Students

Learn how to set up accommodations for students in Moodle for students using the timing and date-setup in the quiz activity.


Watch this video to get a good grasp on where things are and how to get around. 

Managing Notifications in Open LMS Moodle

The default in Moodle is to have all notifications on. If you want to manage your notifications, go to the Notification Preferences and manage them from there.


Student View of the INDEX

Watch this short video to see how the students view the Open Course INDEX. The INDEX is on the left side of the Open LMS Moodle Course Shell.


Activity Completion

Marking the activity completion gives the student a way to mark if the activity is completed. It also shows in the INDEX as a green dot when it is completed.


Use this video to learn how to find the gradebook setup.

Understanding Aggregation: Natural or Weighted

Learn about aggregation of grades with this tutorial. Open LMS Moodle Courses offer three forms of grade aggregations:

  1. Simple Weighted Mean of Grades (the grades are weighted by their individual point values)
  2. Weighted Mean of Grades (grades are assigned a percentage to determine their weight)
  3. Natural (the number of earned points versus the number of available points determines the grade)

Add a Rubric to Moodle Assignment

If you want to add a rubric to your Moodle Assignment, this document will show you how to do that.

H5P Interactive Videos

If you have interest in adding interactive videos to Moodle, this tutorial is very good. You need to begin with your video already produced and it needs to be mp4. You can find a plethora of tutorials at

See this website for more information in creating H5P activities.

MAC users and ZOOM


This may help with the issues of Zoom not working on Safari or Firefox. Instruct students to clean out cache and cookies and then follow this for installing Zoom. 


Turn It In AI information

How do Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities work? This article will explain the AI behind "Turn It In"!