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Brescia University UCTL

Collaborate with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online so that they can be accessed anywhere you have internet service. The cloud-based software emphasizes productivity features and services beyond the MS Office software suite. Office 365 was recently changed to Microsoft 365 and is often called 'the One Drive' by many instructors. OneDrive is the Microsoft cloud service that connects you to all your files. It lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices.


Collaborate in Word

We often hear of using Google docs for collaboration. Our Office 365 tools can be used in the same way and is especially convenient when also using TEAMS.  Use the MS tutorials to learn how to use WORD to collaborate. Because these tools are within the Brescia University toolbox, they can be secured as well. 

Collaborate in PPT

With PowerPoint on your PC, Mac, or mobile device:

  • Create presentations from scratch or a template.

  • Add text, images, art, and videos.

  • Select a professional design with PowerPoint Designer.

  • Add transitions, animations, and motion.

  • Save to OneDrive, to get to your presentations from your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Share and work with others, wherever they are.


Getting Started with SWAY

Use this Microsoft Full Tutorial to begin using SWAY. 

New to Microsoft Sway? This article provides an overview of how easy it is to create and share anything with Sway’s colorful and interactive canvas. Learn how to create and preview your first Sway, how to add and embed content, and how to share your finished creation with others.

Use the tutorials below to learn how to use SWAY.

Microsoft SWAY

What is SWAY?

MS Bookings

Learn how to use MS Bookings to allow attendees to create an appointment with you online or in-person.

MS Bookings in Education

MS Bookings with Kevin

TEAMS in O365

TEAMS in O365 

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged. 


Getting started with FORMS:

Use Microsoft Forms to assess your students, collect feedback from parents, and collaborate with other educators. 

  • Create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in.
  • Share quizzes with your students using any web browser, even on mobile devices.
  • Create formative assessments using branching.
  • Use built-in analytics to evaluate your students' quiz results.
  • Create assessments as a team by sharing a quiz draft with other educators.
  • Export data, such as quiz results, to Excel for additional analysis or grading.

The following tutorials are available from Microsoft:

Customize and Manage Your Forms for EDUCATION