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Eng 322 English Literature 2: Home

Welcome to Eng 322

Eng 322 Students:

Welcome to Eng 322 English Literature II!  I hope that this Lib Guide will introduce you to the rich world of  literature written in English. I will be adding resources to this Lib Guide as we proceed through the semester.  Please check it often and talk with me about material you would like to see added here.

Good luck this semester!


Ellen Dugan-Barrette

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Ellen Dugan-Barrette
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Reaction to Reading

Reactions to Readings:

For Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Write a character sketch of one of the characters in Browning's monologues.  Be sure to identify the person's status, location, and personality. Add what you think Browning wants us to make of this person.

2-3 good paragraphs.

For Tuesday, March 10, 2020

After watching the play, identify the characteristics of at least three social  expectations or norms of Wilde's society that he satirizes in The Importance of Begin Earnest. Please submit 2-3 paragraphs.




Enjoy the Spring Break!